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A great product begins with a smart and thorough blueprint

Once your business analysis is complete, we take the requirements of your project and create the right architecture for your custom solution. It’s a lot like designing a blueprint for a building. But instead of determining the size and materials of your walls and beams, we’ll form up the structure of your end-to-end system.

We’ll determine what components you want to use, whether you’re going to the cloud or using an on-premise infrastructure. We’ll also determine what architecture is right for your project—from MVVM to MVC to N-Tier. Then we complete our blueprint with system illustrations and UML diagrams to ensure the foundation is solid and everyone is on the same page.

Types of custom software we develop

  • Business applications, specializing in Enterprise Architecture (using SOA and Cloud infrastructures)
  • Public-facing E-commerce applications and solutions
  • General .NET (Web, Mobile, Windows, Mobile, and Windows 8 app)
  • Customized Microsoft SharePoint solutions
Case Study

Read the Instant Inventory Services Case Study to learn how Capmation can help you through every stage of the Software Development Lifecycle.

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