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We’ll get all of your data on the same page

If yours is like a lot of companies, you’ve accumulated a conglomeration of stand alone software systems over the years that don’t communicate with each other. You use one system for finance, another for inventory management, and another for customer management—and each is using its own data in isolation. So information that’s entered into one system must to be entered and updated again and again into several other systems. It’s an operational nightmare. And, besides being time consuming and inconvenient, it’s extremely costly and inefficient. Not only are you paying for unnecessary server space, but you’re losing out on more effective ways to use all of your data as a competitive advantage.

Capmation can help you integrate all of your systems so you can work smarter. We have the experience and the vision to see the big picture … and the knowledge to make it a reality. We’ve helped Fortune 100 companies solve their toughest architecture issues. And we can help you solve yours.

We offer:

  • Enterprise architecture— senior level guidance to build your enterprise system from start to finish. We offer senior consultants, core developers, and architects who’ll put development standards in place and help you build the framework and system that’s right for your needs. We’ll help guide the growth of your company with a more integrated approach to business.
  • Enterprise service bus (ESB)— a software architecture model that controls the flow of data and promotes more agility and flexibility in the interaction between your software systems, so you’re provided with a more efficient workflow. We can build you a custom ESB or take advantage of Microsoft’s integration solution, Biz Talk, to help you work smarter.
  • SOA— a service-oriented architecture that allows different systems to simultaneously use and exchange mutual data. Our experts in enterprise architecture and SOA-based systems use Microsoft’s WCF (Windows® Communication Foundation) framework to create the right services for your specific needs, so you can move your data from point A to point B more efficiently and effectively.
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