Windows® Azure®

Stop paying big-buck web-hosting fees. We can move your websites, web applications, or even your entire service stack to the cloud! Simple, pay-as-you-go pricing structures allow you to scale your system as you need—saving you over 50% on infrastructure costs.

Entity Framework

We’ll build your data access layer using the latest in Microsoft® technologies. EF 6.0+ can simplify your overall architecture, reduce your dependencies on a single data source, and make it significantly easier to make database changes down the road.


We can help you launch your single page application (SPA) using flexible Web API technology. These multiplatform services allow your data to easily interact with iPhone®, iPad®, Android®, Windows® 8 phone, and Microsoft® tablet applications.

Model Viewer Controller

We can simplify your development experience using the widely adopted MVC programming model, which takes advantage of Microsoft’s Razor framework.

Model View ViewModel

Need a new desktop or Windows 8 app? We provide the latest in thick-client development programming standards using the MVVM programming model and WPF (Windows® Presentation Foundation) framework.

Service Oriented Architecture

We can provide experts in enterprise architecture and SOA-based systems using Microsoft’s WCF (Windows® Communication Foundation) framework.

SQL Server®

We can provide a select team of Database Administrators who can help you implement Microsoft’s SQL Server. In the process, we’ll help you make critical decisions about performance, security, failovers, a more.


We have experts on staff to help you install Microsoft’s SharePoint System, administer it according to your organizational layout, or customize it to your exact needs.

Single Page Applications

We can give you a responsive, more fluid web presence with a Single Page Application (SPA). Our experienced consultants have an in-depth knowledge of technology (JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX/WebAPI communications, and more) that will make your site more user-friendly.

We eat, sleep, and breathe the Microsoft ® stack

This is our stomping ground. It’s where we focus all of our efforts. So if you need something built or integrated using the latest Microsoft technologies, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re building a desktop, mobile or web app—or connecting an entire network of complex systems. Whether you’re using a traditional hosting company, keeping it on premise, or moving to the cloud. Whether you know exactly what you need or you’re looking for some seasoned advice on how to do your project quicker, with fewer roadblocks, and on a leaner budget. We’re plugged in and ready to go.

We stay on top of the leading Microsoft technology (WCF 4.5x, EF 6.x, SQL Server 14, MVC 5.x, and more) to make sure you get the most out of your ROI. In the process, we’ll also help you take advantage of cool, new features like Code First Migrations (EF), Attribute Routing and REST API (WebAPI), and Task-based ASync Support (WCF) to help you gain serious efficiencies. (Imagine not having to make adjustments to your application for years instead of months. Or cutting your development time in half!)

If you’re going the Microsoft route on your new project, we’ve got just the people to get you there.

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