Capmation Employee of the Month Rodrigo Arroyo

April Employee of the Month:
Core Values in Action

Rodrigo Arroyo was nominated by his peers as Capmation’s April Employee of the Month. Our team members say he exemplifies the company’s core values because he creates strong relationships with customers, makes complex solutions simple, and his humor makes work fun.

Here are just a few reasons we’re grateful he’s part of the Capmation team:

“He contributes to Capmation’s success by building trusted relationships with clients. He has a great attitude and is always trying to provide solutions. When he’s stuck on a problem, he’s not afraid to ask for support.”

“He’s a great coworker and his honesty in communicating makes people comfortable sharing anything. He’s always available to help out and listen to the concerns of others.”

“He makes time for team members to see how we’re doing and progressing. He helps development projects go smoother by addressing and eliminating our concerns.”

“Rodrigo always makes the meetings fun, even when the work is hard. His sense of humor with clients allows us to truly form a team and accomplish our goals on a daily basis. Beyond his sense of humor, he has the ability to make very complex solutions seem simple and he explains them in a way that everyone understands.”

About Rodrigo

My favorite current technology:
I currently work a lot with Microsoft technologies, specifically C#, so I’d say that’s my favorite technology at the moment.

If I could travel anywhere, I would go to:
I’m an outdoor fanatic and I’ve always wanted to visit New Zealand!

My favorite things do during my downtime are:
I love going camping, surfing or just chilling with some friends.

The thing I like best about working at Capmation is:
I love the culture we all share at Capmation. I think having good relationships with coworkers as well as clients results in successful projects and overall happiness.


Thanks for setting a great example of our core values, Rodrigo!

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