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Capmation positions itself for best-in-class client experiences

At Capmation, we solve business problems through software engineering solutions that foster long-term relationships. We do that by operating in a highly collaborative nearshore model, taking a holistic approach to software engineering and living our core values.

What that all boils down to is creating best-in-class client experiences. To improve upon those experiences even more, we’re investing in ways to better serve our clients by building out our company and making a number of exciting and strategic changes to the structure of our operations.

To provide a more streamlined approach to the services and solutions we provide, we’ve merged two key areas of our organization—Engineering and Business Operations—under one umbrella that makes up our Technology team. By better aligning our teams, we’re taking a more comprehensive approach to ensuring project success while mitigating client risk.

With these changes, Camila Mejia has accepted the role of Business Operations Manager and Aaron Salazar has accepted the role of Engineering Manager. Other promotions include Pamela Almeida and Pamela Andrade as Practice Group Leads, Alex Chavez as our Practice Group Technical Lead and Freddy Alonzo as our Low-Code Practice Group Technical Lead.

In addition, we’ve added a critical new function—Capmation’s Innovation Lab—that will dive deep into new technologies and provide an important lens into how these technologies can be used to leverage innovation and provide value for our clients. Francisco Calderon oversees this function as our new Innovation Manager.

Together, our Innovation and Technology teams will help us better understand, assess and respond to client innovation and technical needs as they emerge, so we can effectively deliver best-in-class solutions to meet their needs.

Lastly, to support our overall growth and business strategies, Jennifer Johnson will transition to Chief Operating Officer and Kurt Meemken has joined the Capmation team as Vice President of Sales.

As Chief Operating Officer, Jennifer oversees all functional areas of Capmation as well as mapping the company’s vision. Jennifer’s ability to understand all aspects of the business, drive strategy and communicate effectively has contributed to steady organizational growth and productivity. She’s been instrumental in building a transparent culture and implementing processes that create consistent results and improve overall client satisfaction.

“We’re laser-focused on building a best-in-class engineering firm that drives value for our clients,” said Jennifer. “Executing on proven processes that mitigate risk and help ensure project success will be key. These organizational changes will allow us to allocate and scale resources more effectively, streamline processes and further our culture of innovation.”

Capmation KurtKurt brings over two decades of leadership, sales and business development experience in IT Business consulting services, including Director of Software Solutions at Marco Technologies. His technical aptitude coupled with his innate ability to understand business challenges will help our team deliver technology and software solutions that solve problems and drive a quick ROI for our clients. Kurt will lead Capmation’s sales and business development strategy.

“Capmation’s strong focus on exceeding client expectations and our exceptional team of top-notch talent enable us to deliver best-in-class solutions using proven and leading-edge technologies. I’m excited to join a software engineering firm that’s so firmly positioned for sustained growth built on long-term relationships,” said Kurt.

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