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Creating a better IT experience with The Capmation Way

Our goal is to offer our clients a better IT experience. But what does that mean? And how do we do it? After all, don’t all software development firms tout themselves as doing things better?

To create a better IT experience, we considered the components that make up a successful project and partnership. They came down to three things: better teams, a better approach and better results. This collective experience is called The Capmation Way.

Better teams

It’s not enough to have technically skilled software engineers, business analysts and project managers. What sets a project up for success is how our team members apply their skills. As part of The Capmation Way, we’ve implemented practices and created a culture that ensures we bring our best to each engagement.

Comprehensive onboarding training
Every new team member goes through a thoughtfully developed onboarding process that communicates expectations and provides training on our processes and practices. This is also where we hone soft skills that are crucial to building long-term relationships. Our comprehensive training sets our team members up for success and offers our clients more prepared and professional resources.

Multi-faceted internal support
All of our team members are supported by our program office, technology leaders, our chief architect, our ARRB (Architectural Review and Recommendation Board) and their peers. This multi-faceted support structure provides a deeper and broader knowledge base to draw from, which translates to a more resourceful, innovative and technically sound team for your project.

Continuous professional training
Between projects, our team members stay up to date on the latest technology by broadening their skills in our innovations lab. We also encourage and pay for our team to get certified at the highest level of expertise for each practice. By investing in continued education and professional growth, we bring more technical knowledge to the table and empower our team members to advance in their careers.

Strategic, scalable team composition
We’re intentional about building nimble, scalable, strategically built teams that offer you the best mix of talent for your investment. By bringing in the right people at the right time throughout each stage of your project, we enable you to meet deadlines and budgets more effectively and achieve the best overall results.

High rate of retention
By creating a culture that values and empowers our team members, we experience a high rate of employee retention. This offers our clients compounded knowledge and more committed and dependable resources.

Better approach

We’re passionate about setting our clients up for success. So, we approach every project as enthusiastic problem solvers, innovators and promise keepers. We want the entire experience to feel professional, personal, authentic and driven by a commitment to create successful results. Our client-focused approach includes a number of intentional practices.

An investment in holistic discovery
In order to create more forward-thinking solutions, we invest time and resources upfront to uncover better ways for our clients to do business. Our accounts are managed by our executive team and our program office, not sales people. That enables us to approach your project from a more strategic and technical perspective. Rather than just selling services, we’re focused on uncovering critical needs by asking bigger questions in multiple white board sessions. We’re also led by a technical CEO who provides foundational insight and expertise throughout every project. The end result is the creation of more holistic solutions that truly move your business forward.

Critical front-end planning
We incorporate an important step called Sprint 0 before development begins. This allows us time to set priorities, familiarize ourselves with our client’s technology, determine user testing processes and expectations, establish the team’s communication style and cadence, and proactively uncover and address issues that could add time and rework down the road. In many ways, we consider this step the most important sprint in the project.

A collaborative nearshore model
Our nearshore model eliminates the language barriers and time zone issues associated with offshore at a rate that’s typically half the cost of onshore development. Our South American teams come from cultures that thrive in a collaborative environment. Our developers participate in morning stand ups and all of the meetings and ceremonies involved in the Agile process. That level of collaboration makes for better partnerships and better end products.

Documented processes that ensure quality
We follow proven best practices and don’t skip steps that we know will compromise quality, timelines and budgets. Taking shortcuts may seem more cost-effective initially. But if they result in rework, additional maintenance or a less effective solution, you’re paying more in the long run and not getting the best return on your investment.

Driven by core values
Our core values drive the way we work and interact with our partners. That translates to a work culture that aspires to honesty, reliability, accountability, humility and assuming best intentions—all of which promote more successful partnerships.

Better results

Better results encompass more than hitting key performance indicators and launching quality products that meet expectations and timelines. They’re about creating experiences that build trust and long-term partnerships. Our goal is to create an experience you’ll want to come back to again and again to help your business and technology evolve.

By offering our clients better teams, a better approach and better results, we’re also fulfilling our greater mission of changing their lives. The Capmation Way offers both our clients and our global team members better opportunities for growth. That gives our work more purpose and meaning. And that might be the best result of all.

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