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Creating Our Core Values

Over the last year, Capmation went through the important work of creating our core values. It was a challenging, but rewarding process.

In the end, we landed on four core values:

1. Always do the right thing.

Always doing the right thing means being honest, transparent, speaking up and being open to change. We’ve all seen people in this industry take short cuts and work with a lack of transparency. The results are never good. Work and relationships suffer and—ultimately—it’s never worth the cost of not doing the right thing.

On the flip side, when people do the right thing, amazing things transpire. Trust grows, customers get excited, projects are successful, and everyone feels good about the work and the path they took to get there.

Sometimes it’s tempting to choose comfort over courage; fast and easy over giving it our very best. But, at Capmation, we want more for ourselves and our clients. Most people know what the right thing to do is – it’s just a question of doing it. At Capmation, we know it and do it.

2. Build trusted relationships.

Building trusted relationships means creating and maintaining consistent and honest communications internally and externally.

Projects are almost always doomed to fail when there’s no trust. Things become more complicated and difficult, people start finger pointing, and negativity grows until the work environment is too toxic to produce even mediocre results. It’s the worst-case scenario.

When people trust each other, relationships are more authentic, accountability is expected, communication is easy, and everyone has more fun reaching the same goal. We’re committed to building trusted relationships because that’s the only way we know how to operate. And, it’s the only way to create the results we want for our clients and our team.

3. Be humble and assume best intentions.

Working with humility and assuming best intentions means being curious and non-judgmental, being open to mentoring and receiving feedback from a mentor. It means letting go of the need to always be right, celebrating each other’s successes, and taking responsibilities for our own mistakes.

Like every industry, ours has its fair share of individuals who claim to know it all. But, when things go sideways, those are often the same people who don’t accept responsibility for their missteps. When humility is lacking in an organization, people don’t feel recognized and it robs great individuals of the energy to do more and do better. When people don’t assume best intentions, they think the worst and the worst becomes the reality. This creates hard feelings and mistrust and, in the process, valuable time is wasted on misguided perceptions.

On the other hand, when people act with humility and assume best intentions, people feel encouraged and acknowledged. There are less misunderstandings. Creativity and productivity soar because people feel supported and more confident. There’s more collaboration and learning. We see and believe the best in our clients, in our team in and ourselves. This is the type of environment we want to promote.

4. Be focused and driven by growth while getting your job done.

Being focused and driven by growth means growing as a business, in our professional lives, and as people. It means always reaching further, staying open to bigger and better possibilities and doing whatever it takes to get there.

When a company and its team members aren’t growing and people aren’t doing their jobs, everything becomes more difficult. People and projects lose their momentum, productivity heads south, and creativity grinds to a halt. When the energy of a company becomes stagnant, so does growth. That’s not fun for anyone involved.

When we make growth a priority, we’re constantly reaching beyond the safe edges of our comfort zone to learn and discover more. This creates excitement within the team and bigger results for our clients. Our success creates more referrals, stronger relationships with our partners and clients, and more financial abundance for everyone involved. We feel good about ourselves, our work, and our possibilities for the future. What a great core value to have!

Living our core values.

As excited as we are to reveal our core values, we’re even more excited to LIVE them and be accountable to them. We certainly don’t expect to live them perfectly. Perfection isn’t our goal. Consistency is. Consistently aiming toward living these core values will make us better technologists, better colleagues, better partners and better people. That’s an exciting way to start the new year!

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