Capmation Near Shore Model

How Our Nearshore Model Benefits Our Clients

Talk to anyone who’s worked with offshore developers and you hear similar chapters of the same story. Besides the challenging time zone issues, the high turnover rates, the difficulty acquiring and keeping qualified resources and the rising hourly costs, there’s the overshadowing fear of lost revenue by being over-promised and under-delivered.

Our nearshore model—coupled with our focus on providing better teams and a better approach—creates better results for our clients. This collective experience is called The Capmation Way.

Here are some reasons why our clients love our nearshore model as part of The Capmation Way:

Capmation Near Shore Model

Less time zone challenges
Our core development team offices in Quito, Ecuador, which is in the Central Time Zone. This eliminates a host of operational challenges for our clients and fosters easier communication and collaboration.

Highly trained and highly-supported resources
Our unique onboarding and training process, support structure and low turnover rate provide you with more skilled and knowledgeable development resources. Between projects, our team members train in our Innovations Lab to advance their skills, and we invest in their continued education.

Strategic and scalable teams
We compose teams throughout your engagement that offer the best mix of talent to meet your needs, your budget and your timeline. We can easily scale up or down, depending on your stage of the development cycle. 

Multi-disciplined and innovative talent
Our pool of highly skilled talent is adept at thinking outside of the box and proficient in all types of development, including front-end and mobile development, full stack, data analytics and business analysis, AI and machine learning, IoT and more.

A focus on collaboration
When you’re developing in an Agile environment like we do, collaboration is critical. Our South American team comes from a culture that thrives in a collaborative environment. Our developers work side-by-side with our clients’ internal teams, participating in morning stand ups and all of the meetings and ceremonies involved in the Agile process. That level of integration and collaboration makes for better partnerships and better end products.

No language barriers
All of our team members speak English as a first or second language, which helps eliminate communication roadblocks.

A culture driven by core values
Our core values drive the way we work and interact with our partners. That translates to a work culture that aspires to honesty, reliability, accountability, humility and assuming best intentions—all of which promote more successful partnerships.

Competitive, consistent pricing
As offshore rates continue to rise, our pricing is becoming increasingly more competitive. In most cases, our nearshore rates are half the cost of onshore. We also keep our pricing consistent as labor markets fluctuate.

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