Capmation Near Shore Model

How Our Nearshore Model Benefits Our Partners

Talk to anyone who’s worked with offshore developers and you hear similar chapters of the same story. Besides the challenging time zone issues, the high turnover rates, the difficulty acquiring and keeping qualified resources and the rising hourly costs, there’s the overshadowing fear of lost revenue by being over-promised and under-delivered.

Several years ago, Capmation set out to create a cost-effective development model that eliminates these common pain points. We also wanted to go a few steps further. Our unique model involves three separate teams, with our core team in Latin America. It also fosters a culture of collaboration and accountability by bringing talent on as our employees instead of contract workers. And that’s just the beginning.

Here are all the reasons our partners love our unique nearshore model:

Capmation Near Shore Model

No time zone challenges
Our core development team offices in Quito, Ecuador, which is Ecuador’s second-largest city. Besides being on the Central Time Zone—which eliminates a host of operational challenges—Quito is quickly becoming a leading software development hotspot in South America because of its high concentration of technical talent.

Highly collaborative teams
When you’re developing in an Agile environment like we do, collaboration is critical. Our Latin American team comes from a culture that thrives in a collaborative environment. That teamwork mindset is one reason why our clients tell us they barely know the difference between Capmation’s team and their teams. Our people often work side-by-side with our clients’ internal teams, participating in morning stand ups and all of the meetings and ceremonies involved in the Agile process. That level of integration and collaboration makes for a better partnership and a better end product.

No language barriers
All of our team members speak English as a first or second language, which helps eliminate any communication roadblocks.

Accountable and reliable resources
The Latin American culture values transparency and hard work, which translate to a work environment that aspires to honesty, reliability and problem solving. We only make promises we know we can keep. What’s more, all of our team members are full-time employees, not contracted workers who come and go from project to project. Besides fostering a more tight-knit culture, employing our staff full-time eliminates scrambling for resources when we need to ramp up a team. Our clients can rest assured the resources will be there when they need them.

Multi-disciplined and innovative talent
Quito is home to many universities that offer computer science programs. Their universities have also adopted a new educational system that emphasizes creativity and innovation. The result is a pool of highly skilled talent that’s proficient in all types of development—from front end and mobile development using technology such as flutter…to full stack…data analytics and business analysis…and evolving technologies such as machine learning and AI. Our team is adept at thinking outside of the box. Between projects, they train in our innovations lab to advance their skills, and we invest in their continued education.

A reliable technology infrastructure
Besides being a hub for top technology talent, Ecuador has the technology infrastructure to support high-speed processing and communications. This assures seamless collaboration between internal and external teams.

Competitive, consistent pricing
As offshore rates continue to rise, our pricing is becoming increasingly more competitive. In most cases, our nearshore rates are half the cost of the U.S. We also keep our pricing consistent as labor markets fluctuate.

Follow-the-sun 24/5 development
In addition to our nearshore team, we employ teams in Fiji and Eastern Africa that take advantage of off hours for QA automation, DevOps and other development support. This allows us to complete your project even faster with 24/5 resources.

Family-based values
The Ecuadorian culture is centered around family. As a result, our team treats business partners like family, too. That creates an environment of authentic support, where long-term partnerships are nurtured and valued.

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