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How We Do DevOps Better

DevOps is a set of processes that integrates developers and infrastructure teams to improve collaboration, productivity and the speed of software deployment. Besides deploying products faster, DevOps produces better quality products because automation is built into the process, reducing complexity and errors.

Traditionally, developers would write large chunks of software for weeks or months, which was then handed off to the operations team to do weeks or months of testing. Not only is this process time consuming, it disrupts productivity because developers are tied up reworking the code when they could be spending time on other features of the product.

Using the DevOps methodology, developers write code in smaller chunks that are integrated, tested, monitored and deployed in less time. By automating infrastructure and workflows and continuously measuring application performance, developers are able to:

  • Deploy new products much more quickly
  • Simplify the maintenance of existing deployments
  • Improve the stability of products
  • Spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time on innovation
  • Save money by merging management and production costs

How Capmation does DevOps better

Off-hours automation
Our locations give our teams and our clients a distinct advantage. With offices in Ecuador and Fiji, we’re able to dedicate 16-18 hours per day to development. Our core team in Ecuador checks in code at the end of the day with our Fiji team, who ensures the code is deployed, tested and integrated into the entire solution before the next workday begins. This off-hours automation process gives our clients the maximum value for their investment as well as faster development, testing and release times.

Capmation Ecuador Fiji

Deep knowledge of process and tools
Our Capmation team leverages a deep understanding of the DevOps culture and a wide expertise in the tooling—such as Azure DevOps, TeamCity, Octopus Deploy, etc.—to help our clients get the most out of their developments/deployments. We offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Core Development—.NET/C#, PHP, Java
  • Quality Assurance—Unit/Integration/UAT, Testing Automation (Selenium/Maven/TestProject)
  • Cloud – Azure/AWS

Increased ROI
Our DevOps practices are always geared toward helping clients maximize their ROI. For example, our experienced DevOps engineers will stand up an entire cloud environment, run and test the code, and—when everything is tested and validated—tear it all down again, which saves significant costs.

We can also set up multiple environments before code gets through to the production environment, so extensive testing and quality assurance practices can be carried out prior to end users having access to the application. Developers check in their code and their pull requests get reviewed and passed, so new functions are heavily scrutinized before it’s deployed into the production environment. The end is result is less errors and reworking of code.

Highly collaborative, family-oriented teams
Our teams reside in cultures that thrive in a family-oriented, collaborative environment. We treat each other and our business partners like family. That authentic teamwork mindset lends itself perfectly to the Agile process. Both our core team and our automation team value open communication, transparency, hard work and alliance building. That creates an environment of authentic support and long-term partnerships.

When is DevOps especially critical?

DevOps improves the process for any development project, but it’s especially critical when:

  • Companies are scaling and need to develop and deploy more applications faster
  • Companies are looking to automate their build/deployment pipelines, as it allows core developers to focus and home in on core development
  • A product has multiple components that are developed using multiple languages

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