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When is the right time to invest in your technology?

Headwind or tailwind—when is the optimal time to invest?

You need to innovate in order to stay ahead of your ever-growing competition. You need to be nimble and quickly take advantage of opportunities. And if you fail, you need to fail fast and be agile enough to gain momentum from a tailwind; or remain steady in a headwind to stay on your trajectory.

Though it’s a natural instinct to rein in resources during a downturn, it’s often the ideal time to take market share. So, how do you take market share? Invest in technology that will help you:

  • Innovate beyond your competition
  • Position your product for long-term success
  • Improve your employee and customer experience
  • Decrease your time to market
  • Fail fast and quickly recover, should you fail
  • Win big, win often and win quickly should you do so
  • Be ready to break out as headwinds turn into tailwinds

OutSystems is the industry leading low-code platform that can help you do all of the above. OutSystems helps you capture market share by creating innovative and evolving custom software. It allows you to be dynamic, stay current and take advantage of the latest technology to quickly deliver your “secret sauce” i.e., differentiating processes, apps, products and experiences. It enables you to extend your core systems, current platforms, and applications to improve digital experiences and increase the ROI from your technical ecosystem.

How OutSystems positions you for success:

  • OutSystems does not remove the need for a great strategic plan, sound architecture, and business/IT alignment. Instead, it demands it while it enables you to rapidly achieve your goal.
  • OutSystems is an evergreen platform, which is to say it automatically evolves with you as new technology and standards are released.
  • OutSystems allows you to capitalize on your technology investments, reduce capital expenditure and future-proof your organization.
  • OutSystems offers the ability to rapidly develop world-class, secure applications to adjust to market pressures or opportunities.
  • OutSystems not only provides access to the code, but—unlike many other platforms—it enables you take the code with you if you chose to go in a different direction.

A world pandemic isn’t necessary to drive companies to innovate. With OutSystems, you always have the ability to be nimble and improve your business. You can drive rapid and innovative change because it’s cost effective and right for your business.

At Capmation, our delivery model and our partnership with OutSystems allows us to help our customers innovate, modernize, automate and extend/connect their core platforms. With Capmation and OutSystems, we can work side by side with you to be incredibly nimble in these times of constant change.

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