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June Employee of the Month

Olivia Bula, Software Engineer I, was nominated by her peers as Capmation’s June Employee of the Month. Our team members say she exemplifies the company’s core values because her work ethic makes her indispensable to her team, she’s a great mentor and she’s aways looking for ways to improve interactions and make work fun.

Here are just a few reasons we’re grateful she’s part of the Capmation team:

“Olivia is hardworking and ensures that her quality of work maintains the highest of standards. Her work ethic makes her indispensable to a project and this shows when the business analysts are reluctant to part with her after the project.”

“She’s a great mentor and she listens to my recommendations and suggestions. She builds a collaborative environment and motivates the business analyst team.”

“Despite being immensely talented, Olivia is very humble and open-minded. Whenever she encounters a new obstacle, she always makes sure to look for guidance or advice that can help her overcome it in the best way possible.”

“On the rare occasions when they happen, Olivia is the first to recognize and quickly correct her mistakes. She clearly isn’t interested in making excuses but rather focuses on learning from her mistakes and growing as a professional.”

“As a mentor, Olivia is quick to credit and praise her mentees for their achievements instead of taking credit for herself. She is a great mentor to me and I appreciate all the help she provides.”

“Olivia has had a significant impact on the creation and growth of the OutSystems development team in Fiji. She has excelled as a mentor and opened up opportunities for other team members to excel. She’s aways looking for ways to improve interactions and make work fun.”

About Olivia

My favorite current technology:
OutSystems, a low-code development platform that allows you to deliver applications quickly and easily.

If I could travel anywhere, I would go to:
I would love to tour the countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The three at the top of my list are Korea, Japan and Singapore.

My favorite things do during my downtime are:
Filling up my scrap book with drawings of random cartoon/anime characters.

The thing I like best about working at Capmation is:
The TEAM! I love working with this great and fun team that we have. They create an environment where you feel included, supported and can grow as an individual.


Thanks for setting a great example of our core values, Olivia!

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