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September Employee of the Month

Santiago Martín Unda Álvarez, Business Analyst/Project Manager, was nominated by his peers as Capmation’s September Employee of the Month. Our team members say Martin is effective at defining client goals; following through on commitments; and driving projects to success by his passion, honestly, great communication skills, and professionalism.

Here are just a few reasons we’re grateful he’s part of the Capmation team:

“He’s a great project leader and makes sure all tasks are completed within the sprint. He always addresses any roadblocks with the client and makes sure they are being resolved.”

“When the team makes commitments, he follows through on them. He’s an empathetic listener and asks questions in order to better understand the topic and the team’s interaction with them.”

“Martin is able to express his most honest opinions, ideas, and concerns in a way that’s professional and responsible. He’s also humble and kind.”

“He’s regarded as being a significant factor in any project’s success. His leadership skills are valued by clients.”

“He’s skilled at defining client goals and managing the resources of the team. He communicates well with clients, team members, and other stakeholders.”

“His passion helps the team to stay motivated. I have learned from Martin personally and professionally with the BA and PM work. He’s great at getting the job done!”

“Martin is a natural leader and always helping drive success for our client and our team. He always puts in the extra effort to help everyone succeed!”

About Martín

My favorite current technology:
Hard to pick just one! I’ll have to go with Blockchain, AI, and Machine Learning.

If I could travel anywhere, I would go to:
The United States! I’m sure there are other beautiful nations out there, but no matter how many times I’ve been there and gone to other countries, the USA will always hold a special place in my heart.

My favorite things do during my downtime are:
Disconnect and do some sports and social events with family and friends.

The thing I like best about working at Capmation is:
The internal culture sets this company apart. Having great clients, teammates, and processes are just the symptoms of Capmation’s well-managed set of values.


Thanks for setting a great example of our core values, Martín!

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