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We’re pleased to welcome Jennifer Johnson

We’re excited to announce the addition of Jennifer Johnson to the Capmation team as Senior Vice President of Finance and Operations. As her title implies, Jennifer brings experience in finance and operations as well as leveraging acquisitions as part of a sustainable growth strategy.

In April, Jennifer retired from Marco, where she worked for 23 years and was part of the company’s executive team. Throughout her career, she held a number of positions in accounting, finance and operations, including Chief Financial Officer. During her tenure, she helped Marco complete 51 acquisitions. She also served on Marco’s Board of Directors.

“At Marco, I learned how important building a strong culture is. I also saw the importance of providing opportunities to the people we served—customers, employees and communities. These values align very closely with Capmation’s business model, so it was fortuitous that an opportunity arose just as I had ended a significant chapter of my career,” says Jennifer.

As SVP of Finance and Operations at Capmation, Jennifer will provide strategies for expansion and growth. She says a lot of companies post-Covid are looking for ways to become more efficient and gain access to information that allows them to serve their customers better.

“Capmation is well positioned to help these companies refocus with emerging technologies. I’m excited to develop strategies for capturing those opportunities and expanding our existing services. My goal is to create even deeper relationships with our clients,” she says.

Capmation’s founder and CEO, David Ward, says Jennifer’s position fills a critical gap in the company’s leadership and will allow him to focus more time on his role as visionary for technology. As the company positions itself for growth, he says she’ll also help develop a roadmap for expansion domestically and abroad.

“Jennifer brings a lot of experience and ideas to the table. We wanted a visionary who could think outside the box and help us explore all of our avenues for growth—at the right pace and in the most viable ways. Jennifer brings a sound perspective coupled with an excitement about the possibilities.”

– David Ward

In addition to driving strategic growth, he says Jennifer will work to develop policies and procedures that improve experiences internally and externally.

“The way we onboard, execute projects and grow teams is different than our competitors. We know the right steps and best processes to increase ROI for our customers. We’re looking to her operational expertise to refine our end-to-end process even more, so it creates the best experiences for our clients, partners and internal teams,” he adds.

Jennifer says joining Capmation is an opportunity that takes her back to her roots in growing an emerging company.

“In many ways, I had the most fun in my career when Marco was positioning itself for growth and just beginning to gain traction. Capmation is evolving into a growing global resource for software development. I’m excited about the limitless possibilities and I’m grateful for this new chapter,” she concludes.

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