Collaborative teams.
Tried and true processes.

A nearshore model that offers the best of all worlds.

  • Multi-disciplined, highly collaborative teams
  • Customer-centric Agile process model
  • A culture centered around core values
  • No time zone issues or language barriers
  • DevOps-driven integration and deployment
  • Custom development and low code specialists
  • Innovative solutions that create long-term partnerships
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Meet the team.

A tested and proven software development approach.

Every project is different, but the quality outcomes are the same. That’s because our workflow doesn’t leave anything to chance. We make sure each step is followed and accounted for.

  • Step 1:
    Product Discovery

    Uncover the client's objectives and requirements

    Team: Account Manager, Architect, Sales Representative

  • Step 2:
    Design and Scope

    Define the product through architectural diagramming of work flows, data components and UI design

    Team: Account Manager, Architect, Sales Representative

  • Step 3:
    Team and Environments Optimization

    Prepare the environments, establish DevOps integration and begin to ramp up the team

    Team: Account Manager, Architect, DevOps Engineer, Senior Developer

  • Step 4:
    Development and Testing

    Simultaneously build and test the product using Agile sprinting; team is ramped up and down, as needed

    Team: Account Manager, DevOps Engineer, Senior Developer, UI and UX Developer, Developers and Testers, as needed

  • Step 5:
    Beta and Pre-Production

    Roll out product to stakeholders

    Team: Account Manager, Senior Developer

  • Step 6:
    Post-Production Delivery

    Train internal team on the system, launch product, perform ongoing maintenance and upgrades

    Team: Account Manager, Senior Developer

A scalable dream team.

Our software development teams are focused on speed, performance and accountability. We run lean enough to stretch your budget as far as possible and strong enough to knock your IT project out of the park within your deadline.

DevOps Engineer
Lead Architect
Project Manager/Business Analyst

(Development team composition may vary.)

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