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By far the biggest draw of low-code development is the ability to deliver new software and complete applications faster. Instead of writing thousands of lines of complex code and syntax, OutSystems intuitive UI-based development platform allows you to build complete applications with modern user interfaces, integrations, data and logic up to 15 times faster!

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How does OutSystems make development so quick and easy?

  • Drag-and-drop functionality, pre-built user interfaces and models for business processes, logic and data models.
  • Easy-to implement APIs and connectors that integrate with the third-party tools developers are already using, so the learning curve isn’t as steep.
  • One-click application delivery that automatically tracks all changes and handles database scripts and deployment processes, eliminating many time-consuming deployment and operations processes.

Plus, DevOps capabilities are built right in.

OutSystems gives you the flexibility to integrate with your existing toolchain while also taking advantage of its built-in CI/CD capabilities that support the entire lifecycle of an application. Built-in DevOps means simplified teams and elimination of the time and costs associated with setting up the environment.

Here’s how OutSystems does DevOps:

  • With the click of a button, you deploy the user interface, database, workflows and integration components while a dependency analysis engine ensures a healthy state for all running applications.
  • Migration is a simple as setting up a deployment plan, kicking off the migration and watching it happen. OutSystems checks the dependencies and seamlessly deploys the application across all environments.
  • Troubleshoot your apps in no time thanks to easy-to-use analytical dashboards that are automatically created and guide your team to the most critical issues.
  • The platform handles configuration and identity management of running applications. You can also continue to use your own identity providers for single-sign on (SSO).
  • OutSystems version management provides intuitive ways to manage your application history, so it’s easy to roll back to an earlier version of your application or visually merge your development, if needed.

Solve problems quicker with access to OutSystems Forge

Another great feature is OutSystems Forge, an open-source repository with thousands of components that can be used to solve common problems without reinventing the wheel. The repository is built by the community and shared by thousands of enterprise customers so bug fixes, security checks, ready-built connectors for common integrations and other improvements are constantly being added. You have the flexibility to upgrade at your own pace so you’re in complete control of the state of your platform.

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