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Dubow makes sweeping improvements to custom software with Capmation

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Dubow Textile

Dubow TextileDubow Textile describes its business as a “technology company that just happens to decorate garments and hard goods.” Since the company was founded in 1991, it’s been continually investing in new ways to automate its processes and improve the way it interacts with vendor and customer systems. Those innovations have paid off. Today the company is a global custom decorator that produces 10-12 million products a year.

Their need

Dubow relies on three custom software programs to automate its operations. But keeping all of that technology running smoothly and moving forward isn’t always easy.

“For years our software prevented us from actually growing the company because it just couldn’t keep up with us,” said Rob Dubow, Owner and CEO.

One of the company’s programs is the Dubow Management System (DMS), which launched in 2008. The system started as a single desktop application and eventually transformed into a large multi-component system that runs Dubow’s entire operation from the minute raw products come in the door all the way until the finished products are put on a truck for shipping. Inevitably, evolving the software took its toll. With each transformation came more issues.

“There were a lot of glitches. The system functioned, but not well. It wasn’t the long-term solution we needed it to be to get us where we wanted to go,” said Rob. “We needed a developer who could not only fix these issues, but also help us strategize going forward.”

Our solution

Dubow partnered with Capmation in March 2019 to take its custom software programs to the next level.

“A big part of Capmation’s initial push was cleaning up the code. Once the discovery and clean up was complete, they helped us prioritize our next steps. We had a long laundry list of wants. They helped us balance those against our budget, capacity and timelines,” said Rob.

Dubow’s internal team meets with Capmation’s CEO, David Ward, once a week to go over priorities and progress. Throughout the week, Capmation’s development team is constantly collaborating with Dubow team members to implement new features and functionality. One of those initiatives was database information retrieval.

“We have a humongous database. And, making sure that database is solid and efficient is even more important than making sure the humans working with it are efficient. Dave’s team worked extremely hard to take out any hesitations and any delays in the information retrieval and distribution channels. That’s just one of the things they’ve done to help us work faster,” said Rob.

In addition to evolving DMS, Capmation is continually making needed updates to both of the company’s customer-facing software programs. The Dubow Order Tracking System, or DOTS, is a B-to-C software that Rob describes as rudimentary. To make the software more customer friendly, Capmation did a complete rebuild that allows customers to log in and see the status of their orders instead of having to call or email.

“Dave’s team took a virtual rendition of what our graphics team envisioned and built it from scratch. We present an idea and Dave’s team gets it. They did an exceptional job,” said Rob.

Rob says working with Capmation is a completely different experience than they’ve had working with other developers.

“They’re not just working to make a sale. They’re working for the good of Dubow. They understand our vision and want us to grow. They’re striving for a long-term goal of excellence,” he concluded.


  • More stable and robust program software features
  • Better integration with vendor and customer software programs
  • Enhanced user experience for internal teams and customers

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