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Komplyd partners with Capmation on compliance-as-a-service API platform

Service provided

Full Stack Development


Komplyd is the first purpose-built compliance-as-a-service platform developed for business applications that target the cannabis industry. With an API-first enterprise platform, Komplyd works with businesses of all sizes to proactively adhere to ever-changing cannabis policies and compliance challenges.

Their need

Serving a unique niche in the cannabis industry, Komplyd sought to bring impeccable quality and integration to its compliance-as-a-service platform. The regulated cannabis industry is still operating in ever-changing, uncharted waters, especially when it comes to distributors navigating different laws across state lines. When approaching Capmation, Komplyd already offered an API structure for track and trace systems that enabled regulatory features and analytics, but it hadn’t yet reached its MVP (Minimum Viable Product) goals. 

To get there, Komplyd needed an experienced, collaborative development partner who could help the company achieve higher code efficiency, productivity and agility. It turned to Capmation. 

Capmation came on board with little knowledge of the system or the industry, but was confident its Agile process and expertise could accommodate Komplyd’s needs. Because of the complexities of the industry, Capmation faced the ongoing issue of keeping up with cannabis regulations for each state and coping with differences in the functionality of track and trace systems in various parts of the country. 

Knowing there was a lot to learn and accomplish, Komplyd and Capmation set out to build a solution that enabled cannabis operators and tech companies to easily expand into new markets, while maintaining compliance. The solution would involve one API and one data model with the added value of accessible data, stability, protective guardrails, analytics, fraud detection and more. 

Our solution

The first sprint of this collaboration was a period of learning and exploring. The teams needed to establish a confident understanding of the cannabis value chain and the platforms. This process went more smoothly than the Komplyd team expected. 

“With Capmation, we can write a brief overview and they are adept at learning the product in earnest,” said Kevin Griffiths, Komplyd CTO. “This is really helpful for us because they understand the whole flow of how the product works and that makes collaborating with leadership, engineers and project managers much easier.” 

Armed with a strong mastery of the technology and its industry, Capmation then started in on the second sprint — achieving higher code efficiency, productivity and agility. Next, the team developed the sales stage using Capmation’s quality engineering practices.

After four months of work, both Capmation and Komplyd determined more manpower was needed to complete the project, so a second Capmation team joined the process. The original Capmation team and the Komplyd team continued work on the REST API, while the second team focused on transferring the code to a new, more accessible framework.  

Open and consistent communication kept everyone on the same page and working towards the same goal. 

“The best things about Capmation are their openness, their willingness to work, and their communication,” said Griffiths. “Their brains don’t stop when they walk away from their computers.” 

This philosophy of constant communication also led both teams to push the project into new territory. With two Capmation teams making double the discoveries, they were able to meet their MVP goals and bring on the first clients.


“The main objectives in our work with Capmation were to increase the speed and maturity of the product,” said Griffiths. “With Capmation coming in, we were able to get our MVP into production and feel confident about the product as a whole.” 

As this is an ongoing partnership and management of Komplyd’s API platform, the project is ever-evolving. With the initial platform on solid ground, Komplyd and Capmation have exciting plans for future improvements, such as hardening Komplyd’s code bases for a stronger framework and introducing machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to install anomaly detection. 

“This project will continue to evolve,” Griffiths explained. “Quality engineers can be hard to find and Capmation has given us a lot of good engineers. In the short time they’ve been on board, they have accomplished a lot.” 

In an industry with new and emerging technology, Komplyd now has a long-term technological partnership and the blueprints to secure and grow its place in the market.

“Capmation is the best of every world. I’ve worked with developers all over the world and this is one of the best teams I’ve had,” concluded Griffiths.

Length of Project

Two sprints over the course of one year.

Technology Used

Full Serverless Stack

  • AWS
  • CI/CD Pipelines
  • GIT


  • Standardized data management and automated alert messaging.
  • Prompt turnaround on updates in a highly scalable and rapidly changing industry.
  • Consistent, long-term technical support for an evolving API.

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