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Mednet is a leading healthcare technology company specializing in eClinical solutions designed for the global life sciences community. With nearly two decades of experience and more than 2,000 studies with both CROs and life sciences sponsors, Mednet supports clinical research projects from start to finish. The company’s cloud-based, eClinical platform, iMednet, is centered around a robust EDC and built from the ground up with key native modules. Designed to allow easy integrations, the eClinical platform enables research teams to meet the rapidly evolving requirements of clinical research. 

Their need

When Mednet experienced turnover in its team of 11 developers, the company set out to find a replacement.

“We had a lot of applicants apply, but we weren’t able to find what we were looking for,” said Adriana Molina, Software Development Engineering Manager at Mednet.

The company reached out to Capmation to find a developer who could fill in until the internal position was filled.

Capmation offers a hybrid development model with a core team of developers located in Quito, Ecuador. Quito is home to several universities with computer science programs and an educational system that emphasizes creativity and innovation. The result is a pool of highly skilled talent that’s proficient in all types of development—from front end and mobile development using technology such as flutter…to full stack, data analytics, and evolving technologies such as machine learning and AI.

Mednet chose one of Capmation’s nearshore developers to augment its team on a number of development initiatives.

Our solution

Marci Mogg, VP of Operations at Mednet, was impressed with how quickly Capmation’s nearshore resource was able to get up to speed on projects.

“We usually figure it will be six months or more before someone’s really contributing to the team, just because our code base is very specific to our product and it’s difficult to learn. Capmation’s developer jumped right in and started working on some of our services. We had another internal resource working on some of those tickets who was struggling. Capmation’s developer completed the work very quickly and efficiently with minimal assistance from anyone,” said Marci.

As a result, Capmation’s developer finished everything that was needed for the release of Mednet’s eClinical platform to happen on time.

Mednet also appreciates the flexibility Capmation’s nearshore resource brought to the table.

“He is always willing to learn new things and volunteer for projects. He went from working on one service that uses node.js to a different service that uses more Java, and now he’s volunteered to work on some PHP things. He’s also worked with React,” said Adriana.

Because Capmation’s core team offices in Quito, Ecuador, Mednet’s team is on the same time zone. This makes collaboration that much easier, as Capmation’s developer attends all of the daily stands ups.

Mednet has experienced a cost savings using Capmation’s nearshore resource instead of hiring internally. Besides not having to pay benefits for a full-time internal employee, Marci says the company is getting more bang for its buck on the skills Capmation’s resource is bringing to the table and the fact that Capmation’s development team receives strong internal support. This takes some of the responsibility off Mednet’s senior developers to train an external resource.

“If he has questions, he can turn to his teammates internally and get the answers he needs. That’s a cost savings for us because we don’t have to pull one of our senior developers to teach him,” said Marci.

She also appreciates the support Mednet is receiving from Capmation’s executive team.

“They keep communication open and schedule a monthly check in. It’s a huge benefit to have that higher level conversation to see if we have any concerns. I find it very worthwhile and I appreciate their willingness to make sure our partnership is working,” said Marci.

The relationship has been so successful, Mednet is no longer looking for an internal replacement.

“We plan on keeping him for the foreseeable future. We refer to him as our ‘lucky penny’ because he’s such a good fit and a great asset to the team,” concluded Marci.


  • More cost effective than hiring an internal resource
  • No time zone issues or language barriers
  • Nearshore resources require less guidance because they’re supported by Capmation’s internal team

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