An experienced team dedicated to DevOps.

The stats are clear. Companies with a high-performing DevOps resource on their team deliver code faster and with fewer issues.

DevOps by the numbers.

More frequent
code deployments
Faster lead time from
commit to deploy
Faster time to recover
from incidents

Source: 2019 Accelerate State of DevOps Report

How our DevOps resources improve the process.

Tap into expertise that goes well beyond the latest tools.

While we know and use many of the hottest DevOps tools, our real value is our deep understanding of continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD). Our DevOps best practices help our partners boost efficiencies, eliminate waste and shorten development cycles.

Reduce programming defects.

Implementing a shared code base, shorter development cycles and test-driven techniques expose issues sooner and make resolving them much easier. This greatly reduces failures, rollbacks and the time it takes to recover.

Maximize your ROI.

Companies who view DevOps as more than just an afterthought open themselves to better opportunities for maximizing their ROI. Our experienced DevOps engineers can stand up an entire cloud environment, run and test the code, and—when everything is tested and validated—tear it all down again, which saves significant costs.

Augment your staff with a full-time DevOps resource.

Not every company has the internal resources for an experienced, full-time DevOps engineer. We can help you fill in the blanks more cost-effectively.

The perfect partner for off-hours automation.

Our DevOps team offices in Fiji, which offers the optimal time difference for off-hours automation. This 2-to-3-hour workday overlap creates the perfect window for our partners to check in the code at the end of the day and get updates right away the next morning.

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The right tools for the job.

As tools come and go, we keep expanding our CI/CD arsenal. If we don’t currently use your tool of choice, our DevOps experts can get up to speed quickly. Here’s a sample of the tools we can work with.

Octopus Deploy

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